The new standard in licensing.


Orrick, Buckley combine to form financial services and fintech law powerhouse

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The new standard in licensing.

Orrick, Buckley combine to form financial services and fintech law powerhouse

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We’re here to make licensing better.

We’re APPROVED — a licensing service for financial services companies. We’re part of Buckley, a law firm nationally recognized as a leader in financial services compliance and regulatory matters. Our innovative, technology-enabled approach is designed to make the licensing approval, compliance, and examination process smarter, more predictable, and more streamlined than ever before.

In addition to our legal and industry knowledge, we bring a fierce commitment to blending the best people, processes, and technology.

A smarter process.

We’ve worked within the contours of financial licensing for years and know the systems exceptionally well. We know the rules. We know the nuances. And we know the common missteps that many organizations make along the way. We read between the lines. APPROVED understands the needs of regulators and what lies beyond the written requirements. We anticipate regulatory requests and create workflows that result in fewer deficiencies, fewer snags, and smoother applications.

A broader perspective.

Our legal experience does more than add credibility to our representation. We see and understand the complexities of our clients’ needs in ways that others can’t. The art of licensing and compliance is a marathon made of sprints, and hurdles appear at every stage. Rules and regulations in financial services shift overnight, and we are determined to remain ahead of them. APPROVED stays on top of licensing and process change, and helps you navigate it to remain compliant and open for business.

A better experience.

The licensing process can be arduous, but we are here to make it as fluid as possible. Obtaining licenses is a necessary first step in running a business, and maintaining them is absolutely critical to staying open. APPROVED can’t change the laws, but we can help you navigate the processes that surround them. We offer cost certainty in pricing, a smarter workflow, and sophisticated knowledge and support. In a process that can often be both impersonal and invasive, we bring back the human touch.

Let’s get started.

Whether you are looking to get licensed, remain compliant, or simply want to learn more about our innovative approach, we can help.

Use the contact form or give us a call to speak with an APPROVED licensing professional today.

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