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Buckley LLP is preparing to launch its newest product, Winnow, in 2020. Winnow is a powerful online application designed to deliver regulatory surveys tailored to a user’s specific business type and licensing, the financial products they offer, and where they offer those products.

Winnow solves one of the key shortcomings of products currently on the market: it will be updated in real-time, ensuring that results are timely and accurate. Winnow relies on a team of skilled attorneys and is powered by Buckley, recognized as “The best at what they do in the country,” according to Chambers USA. The firm has devoted more than 25,000 hours to the development of the database, and has identified over 23,000 individual requirements (and counting).

What’s Covered?

At launch, Winnow will cover state laws and regulations applicable to the full lifecycle of mortgage, auto, credit card, consumer, and commercial-purpose lending and financing. It will also include requirements related to the lending and servicing of these products, including such topics as marketing and advertising, debt collection, telemarketing, notary requirements, electronic signatures and documents, powers of attorney, and privacy and data security.

How is Winnow different?

Some of the products on the market claim to provide a complete inventory of laws and may include generic legal analysis of certain regulatory requirements, but many lack the ability to tailor results for individual businesses. They don’t take into account the authority under which they lend (e.g., whether they’re a bank or a state licensee, and which licenses they hold) or the specific products they’re offering (e.g., a first lien or junior lien residential mortgage, direct or indirect financing of vehicles, unsecured consumer loans, etc.). That leaves users to figure out if and how the data applies to their individual businesses.

Winnow takes into account specific businesses and products, and the results are customized based on that information. Users can quickly create a survey of laws on a wide variety of topics and export the results to a file or ─ using APIs ─ directly into proprietary systems.

Learn more

Select users will begin testing Winnow in late 2019, with a full launch in 2020. Visit to learn more about the system and sign-up to receive updates about Winnow as it gets closer to launch, including subscription pricing, product demos, and availability information.

Winnow and the Winnow logo design are service marks of Buckley LLP. IMPORTANT: Winnow is a software product of Buckley LLP, but it is not legal advice from Buckley LLP or a substitute for legal advice from a licensed attorney. The purchase or use of Winnow does not establish an attorney-client relationship with Buckley LLP or otherwise establish attorney-client protections.