APPROVED has built a web-based regtech platform from the ground up. We call it Mogy — named after a pioneer in the field of work simplification — and it is designed to make the licensing process smarter, more predictable, and more streamlined.

At Mogy’s core is a proprietary requirements database, built upon the combined legal perspective, licensing expertise, and industry experience of APPROVED and Buckley. The system is designed to give compliance professionals across the financial services industry confidence that they have an accurate view of their licensing obligations, and provides collaborative task-management tools to help make sure those obligations are being met effectively.

Some of APPROVED’s clients in mortgage, consumer lending, money transmission, auto, debt buying/collection, and other business lines are already using a pre-release version of Mogy. We’d like you to be a part of this exciting new solution starting in 2020. To learn more about Mogy, including participating in one of our live streaming demos, please sign up to receive updates.

Built by licensing pros, for licensing pros.

We understand the challenges of managing in-house compliance teams because we’ve done it ourselves. Mogy is designed to meet the real-world demands of compliance professionals:

  • Tracks over 30,000 licensing and reporting requirements across the financial services industry
  • Provides enterprise-wide views of licensing requirements, deadlines, and team workloads
  • Web-based platform supports collaboration for teams of any size or geographic distribution
  • Features extensive functionality, including programmed forms and customizable reporting capabilities

NOTE: Mogy is a software product of Buckley LLP but is not legal advice from Buckley LLP or a substitute for legal advice. Purchase or use of the product does not establish an attorney-client relationship with Buckley LLP or attorney-client protections.