Licensing Technology

Licensing Technology

Licensing technology.

We believe technology has the ability to transform every aspect of the licensing process — from initial requirements-gathering through license maintenance and submissions — and make it smarter, more predictable, and more streamlined than ever before.

Licensing technology.

We believe technology has the ability to transform every aspect of the licensing process.

From initial requirements-gathering through license maintenance and submissions, the right technology can make licensing compliance smarter, more predictable, and more streamlined than ever before.

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APPROVED has built a licensing regtech platform from the ground up that gives compliance professionals confidence that they have an accurate and comprehensive view of their licensing obligations, and provides collaborative task-management tools to make sure those obligations are being met.

We call it Mogy, named after Allan Mogensen, a pioneer in the field of work simplification.

Built by Licensing Professionals

Built by licensing pros, for licensing pros.

We understand the challenges of managing in-house compliance teams because we’ve done it ourselves. Mogy was developed to address the lack of dedicated licensing technology solutions and provide tools to keep up with increasing regulatory expectations and complexity.

  • Dashboards provide an enterprisewide view of licensing requirements, deadlines, and team workloads
  • Web-based platform supports collaboration for teams of any size or geographic distribution
  • Increased accuracy and efficiency enhances capacity of existing compliance function
  • Flexible subscription-pricing model alleviates development and maintenance costs of in-house systems

Comprehensive Scope

Comprehensive scope, tailored focus.

Mogy is powered by a proprietary, cross-industry requirements database. Customizable company profiles ensure that Mogy captures all of the requirements relevant to your institution while filtering out the noise.

  • Comprehensive nationwide database built upon the combined legal perspective, licensing expertise, and industry experience of APPROVED and Buckley
  • Integrated state-by-state statutory requirements informed by our deep understanding of supervisory and industry nuances
  • Streamlined onboarding by APPROVED or in-house staff, no matter the size of the entity

Full Featured

A full-featured solution.

We developed Mogy to meet the real-world demands of compliance professionals by focusing on essential capabilities and delivering them through a reliable and intuitive interface. Feature highlights include:

Requirements tracking

  • New applications
  • License amendments
  • License renewals
  • Periodic reporting
  • Assessments

Document management

  • Upload, store, and manage documents directly in Mogy
  • Full version-tracking and document-history functionality
  • Built-in tagging and naming conventions keep documents organized
  • Document permissioning and access management

Collaboration and task management

  • Dashboards to view and manage individual and team workloads
  • Project creation, with sub-tasks and milestones
  • Task management and tracking functionality
  • Streamlined workflows and approvals
  • System reporting

Comprehensive database

  • Covers more than 150 agencies nationwide
  • Includes more than 1,200 license authorities
  • Tracks over 35,000 license requirements and tasks

Notifications – Coming Soon

  • Alerts for changes to applicable requirements
  • Task and deadline reminders


  • NMLS licensing data import
  • Single sign-on (SSO) integration with multiple identity-management platforms
  • Custom API capable

Secure web-based platform

  • Collaboration for geographically distributed teams
  • Modern, intuitive user interface
  • Advanced systemwide data encryption
  • Multifactor authentication
  • System and requirements updates deployed centrally


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