We are excited to share the news that Debbie Stopeck has joined APPROVED after a long career at the California Department of Business Oversight.

We’ve asked Debbie to develop a comprehensive licensing consulting practice for California Financing Law (CFL)-eligible clients. In that role, she’ll provide oversight of CFL and other state financial services applications, and serve as an escalated level of review for more complex state license applications and client projects.

Debbie’s deep experience in California licensing, and state licensing generally, is hard to match. She spent 30 years at DBO overseeing the licensing regime that allows various entities to conduct business under the CFL and the California Residential Mortgage Lending Act (CRMLA).  She also worked with the DBO legal department in drafting the laws and regulations — and the design of the application process — prior to implementation of the CRMLA in 1996.

We know that Debbie will provide guidance and mentorship to the team. Her presence augments an already strong group, and we are confident that our clients will find her to be a valuable resource.